• Siobhan Boring

Siobhan Sears Victoria BC Thai Massage

I’ve been a regular client of Siobhan’s for a couple of years now. Being active in construction and a full time yogi, I use my body hard. What I get from Siobhan’s healing and revitalizing work goes beyond purely the physical benefits of relieving sore and bound muscles and into the world of spirit and energy healing. Not only do I emerge from a session feeling completely worked over, revitalized, refreshed on a muscular level, but also wonderfully grounded and blissfully centred. There should a luxury tax on her work!

Not only is Siobhan an incredibly inspiring person to simply be around, I have had the honor of receiving ongoing treatments from her. I am able to trust that when I share what is going on in my life in our discussion before a treatment that this will inform her approach and techniques used. As a dancer and yogi myself I also find I can trust without saying anything that Siobhan is able to listen and respond to my body on the mat. I am truly grateful for this kind of practitioner in my life.

I had never had a Thai Massage before seeing Siobhan and was initially uncomfortable about trying a different practice. Siobhan did an excellent job of listening attentively to my needs and creating an atmosphere that was calming and attentive. Since becoming a regular client, I have come to enjoy the Thai Massage process and the fluidity and care Siobhan brings to her practice.

Siobhan is considerate and open-hearted. I always leave my sessions feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I recommend her very highly.

Siobhan holds a deeply safe space in treatment sessions that allows one to be fully present to healing.  Her ability to offer the appropriate medicine for any given day is a reflection of how steeped she is in a multi-faceted Eastern Therapy model of medicine.  I have been fortunate to process through heavy times in my life with the aid of Siobhan’s bodywork sessions; her ability to listen and offer insightful feedback has opened my perspective to understanding the unfolding of my life with more grace.  Siobhan has also come to know the needs and limits of my body in sessions, which is so appreciated in releasing old holding patterns in my body.  I would highly recommend Siobhan as an Eastern Therapy Body worker. 

Siobhan is a talented Thai massage therapist who is truly dedicated to the well-being of the client. I need deep pressure for my shoulders and upper back
and she is able to help me feel much better! The oil massage portion of the treatment is absolutely Divine as she is also a gifted Aroma therapist.
I’ve been going to Siobhan twice a month for over a year! I always feel considerably more grounded after the session.